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A Survey of the Nepali People in 2022


A Survey of the Nepali People in 2022 is based on a nationally representative sample of 7,056 Nepalis randomly selected from 588 wards across all seven provinces. The findings are representative both at the national and provincial levels. This survey attempts to gauge Nepalis’ views on the country’s direction, the situation of their household, local conditions, security, identity, social relations, governance, public service delivery, elections, political participation, economic outlook, and the socioeconomic impact of Covid-19. Fieldwork for this survey was conducted from July 19 to August 25, 2022, immediately after the local elections of 2022 and for the first time after Covid-19.

Contrary to earlier rounds, survey findings in 2022 depict a less optimistic outlook on the country’s direction, economic conditions, political participation, and governance. The number of Nepalis who think the country is moving in the right direction is at its lowest point. The socioeconomic impact of Covid-19 on the country and individual households is quite evident in the survey results, and people expect support from the government to aid their recovery.

Despite lower levels of optimism, survey data indicates slightly favorable opinions about local areas and governments. Respondents have more trust in local government than in federal and provincial governments. Likewise, more than half of respondents reported being satisfied with services delivered by the local government.

Kathmandu University School of Arts led the survey in coordination with Interdisciplinary Analysts and The Asia Foundation.

In addition to this national brief, seven provincial briefs specific to each province are forthcoming.

Posted February 14, 2023
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