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APAC Cybersecurity Fund Overview

DOWNLOAD, Google’s philanthropic arm, has provided $15M to The Asia Foundation to launch the APAC Cybersecurity Fund in partnership with CyberPeace Institute and Global Cyber Alliance to bolster the cyber capabilities of 300,000 underserved micro and small businesses, nonprofits, and social enterprises. Working with implementing organizations and universities across the region, The Asia Foundation aims to equip local communities and students via upskilling tools and cyber clinics to protect against online risks. The initiative will span 13 locations, including Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Vietnam.

The APAC Cybersecurity Fund aims to strengthen the Asia-Pacific region’s cybersecurity ecosystem by equipping micro and small businesses, nonprofits, and social enterprises with skills to navigate the Internet safely and confidently. Entrepreneurs skilled at identifying and mitigating cyberattacks will bolster the region’s digital economy growth. Through training, the project works to improve the targeted sectors’ awareness and knowledge of basic cyber hygiene. At the same time, the project’s initiatives for regulatory reform include policy dialogues and localized research on cyber threats. The project is also piloting two university-based cyber clinics in Pakistan and Singapore to expand community outreach on cyber hygiene essentials.

Posted April 19, 2024
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