Inequality and Identity-Based Conflict: The State of the Evidence


By Joel Selway

In this paper, Joel Selway from Brigham Young University reviews the academic literature on the linkages between inequality and identity-based conflict, and identifies research gaps that local violent event datasets might help to address. Documents in the Violence Monitoring Working Papers series are produced as part of The Asia Foundation’s Violence Monitoring Program. The Foundation has been supporting the establishment and development of Violent Incidents Monitoring Systems (VIMS) across Asia, to improve our understanding of and responses to conflict and violence in the region. The Foundation provides financial and technical support to systems owned and operated by local partners. It facilitates the development of a regional community of practitioners and promotes methodological harmonization across systems. Finally, the program commissions research using subnational violence data, connecting findings with global, national and local policymakers and practitioners. The series includes academic papers based on the VIMS data, as well as methodological papers and other documents related to violence monitoring. Papers in this series are not formal publications of The Asia Foundation.

Posted January 17, 2020
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