Mobile Banking – Financial Inclusion and Economic Empowerment for the Low-Income Population and Women in Vietnam


This impact study highlights major benefits experienced by VBSP clients and group leader in the long run, impact case studies, and indicative cost benefit analysis. This exercise aims to conduct a qualitative study of the outcomes and impacts of the SMS notification services (using case studies as a primary approach) to provide an understanding of the benefits that Phase I SMS notification services have brought and/or will potentially bring to both VBSP and its clients and group leaders in the long-run, particularly seen from the perspective of financial inclusion and digital age. It is also expected that the study will capture some impact stories among VBSP’s clients and group leaders, document them for lessons learned and distribute them through the communication channels of the Foundation and VBSP. In addition to this, the study performs a cost and benefit analysis, using the data available from VBSP Head Quarter and some selected branches as well as empirical materials collected from the short field visits, to further support the estimated benefits from the project management.

Posted July 7, 2020
Related locations: Vietnam
Related programs: Women's Empowerment and Gender Equality