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Overcoming As 14: The Role of State and Region Governments in Supporting Myanmar’s Covid-19 Economic Response Plan


By Dan Jollans and James Owen

In Myanmar, the recently released Overcoming as One: Covid-19 Economic Relief Plan (CERP) sets out the Union government’s economic response to Covid-19, ranging from action on personal protective equipment (PPE) procurement to direct cash transfers to households. The CERP outlines an ambitious economic response to Covid-19 and provides a useful tool for cross-government coordination. The CERP outlines an ambitious set of policies, but it is a summary document, meaning that it deliberately does not go into detail on how these should be implemented. This report makes two central arguments. First, that the CERP provides a solid foundation for a cross-government response to Covid-19; it provides a clear economic policy position on Covid-19, around which other policies and responses can reinforce. Second, for the CERP to be successful, interventions by the Union government need to be complemented by a dynamic state and region government response.

Posted July 29, 2020
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