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Reading Habits of Children in Cambodia


Reading is a fundamental skill that empowers individuals to participate in society. Reading Habits of Children in Cambodia discusses the findings of a survey of 400 adults in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, with children aged 4 to 9 years old in their households. The survey covers reading behaviors and attitudes, access to physical books, and digital consumption of children and their households.

Most parents (85%) reported reading physical books with their children at least once per week, while reading digital books together is far less common, with only 41% reporting doing so at least once a month. One hundred percent of parents believed reading books to their children was important, while most (84%) said a lack of time was the most common barrier.

Access to physical books and attitudes towards digital devices remain barriers to reading in Cambodia. Only 10% of households reported having over 20 printed children’s books. The vast majority of households (94%) reported having at least two smart devices in their home, although many parents voiced concerns about their children’s use of devices. A majority (65%) of parents reported using “educational” or “reading-related” apps with their children, although the two most commonly reported apps used were YouTube and Facebook.

Posted June 21, 2023
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