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Renewable Energy: Establishing India-U.S. Triangular Development Cooperation Partnerships in the Indo-Pacific Region


By The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI), India

India has been working for more than five decades to improve energy access, increase energy efficiency, and promote clean technology to address the electricity, heating, and cooling demands. The country has spearheaded national, regional, and global efforts to strengthen knowledge-sharing, innovation, and partnerships for low-emission and high-performance renewable energy pathways. India is now home to a thriving and inclusive entrepreneurial renewable energy ecosystem, benefiting consumers across the socioeconomic spectrum.

The Asia Foundation, through its India-U.S. Triangular Development Partnership, a program funded by USAID, is working toward realizing this vision and strengthening India’s and the U.S.’s development cooperation footprint in the Indo-Pacific region and beyond. Disaster risk reduction, climate-smart agriculture, and renewable energy are sectors where India demonstrates policy leadership and technical skills and can provide sustainable solutions.

The overall objective of this study was to identify Indian expertise and relevant institutions in the renewable energy sector and identify countries in the Indo-Pacific region that can benefit from India’s expertise through collaborations with the U.S. The study aims to identify opportunities for triangular cooperation partnerships to facilitate the energy transition.

The report maps relevant institutions that can work in the Indo-Pacific countries to advance India’s development partnership efforts through co-created solutions in renewable energy policy and regulatory initiatives, innovative products, services, and technologies. Several energy-related initiatives led by India are already underway in the South Asian region. The report provides an overview of the need and demand for low-carbon pathways and solutions in the Indo-Pacific.

Posted October 3, 2022
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