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Taking Flight: Analysis of Timor-Leste Civil Aviation and Recommendations


By Tatsuo Sakai

Timor-Leste faces numerous barriers to the growth of civil aviation, and by extension, its tourism industry. Problems range from essential regional and international connectivity and access, to the need for stronger prioritization and coordination by the government. The current operating environment for aviation stakeholders remains fragmented and silo-ed between various ministries and other actors. There is a dire need for stronger collaboration between these stakeholders, which should also include stakeholders outside the infrastructure and aviation industries, including tourism and security authorities, to ensure that the goal of increasing access to and within Timor-Leste in a sustainable, meaningful way is achieved as effectively and efficiently as possible. This paper is intended to approach civil aviation from the perspective of an industry critical to the support of the tourism sector. The Foundation hopes that the paper will contribute to the discourse and understanding around the current state of civil aviation, and importantly, to make suggested recommendations for consideration by policy makers in the civil aviation space.

Posted May 3, 2017
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