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Кейс Менежмент Гарын Авлага (Domestic Violence Case Management Manual)


By The National Center Against Violence, Mongolia

With generous funding from Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, The Asia Foundation implemented a two-phase project in Mongolia to support women entrepreneurs and address the socioeconomic challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic. As part of this project, the Foundation partnered with the National Center Against Violence (NCAV) to provide direct support services to victims and survivors of domestic violence to cope with the surge in cases during the pandemic. NCAV has provided victim-centered support to individuals and families affected by domestic violence in Mongolia for over 27 years. The project also supported NCAV’s development of the first-ever domestic violence case management manual.

This manual was developed based on the needs of frontline workers of one-stop service centers and shelters and includes guidance on providing comprehensive protection for victims and survivors of domestic violence in the Mongolian context. This manual offers practical guidance for providers to offer systematic and coordinated support to individuals and families affected by domestic violence. The manual involves assessing the needs and risks of survivors, developing comprehensive safety plans, providing ongoing support and advocacy, and coordinating services from various agencies and organizations in Mongolia. This manual will allow Mongolian practitioners to work collaboratively to assess risks, develop safety plans, and provide appropriate interventions to address the unique needs of each survivor.

The contents of this report should not be construed as reflecting the views of The Asia Foundation. All copyrights of the manual are held by National Center Against Violence, Mongolia.

Posted June 23, 2023
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