A Survey of the Afghan Returnees 2019


This Survey is the second in a three-year long project designed to broaden knowledge surrounding the unique challenges and experiences of returnees and host communities across Afghanistan. In 2019, 4,033 returnees and host community members were interviewed, culminating in a combined total of 16,033 returnees and host community members surveyed on a range of issues in 2018 and 2019. Perceptions and experiences among returnees, including their reasons for return to Afghanistan, their education and skills acquired abroad, access to services, economic situation, registration, access to education, and their experiences in reintegration and conflict are explored. Among host community participants, some areas explored include their perceptions of returnees, provision of support to returnees, the impact of returnees on their communities, and perceptions of the resources returnees require, their experiences of conflict and integration, and any gaps in current services. The Survey provides depth of public opinion from both returnees and host communities across regions and demographics to support evidence-informed policy planning and program initiatives for returnees.

Posted December 3, 2020
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