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Case Management Guidelines for the Counselors and Women Development Officers of the State Ministry of Women and Child Development


In Sri Lanka, the Covid-19 pandemic exacerbated many existing issues and heightened vulnerabilities placed on specific groups of people, especially women and children. The State Ministry of Women and Child Development, Pre-School & Primary Education, School Infrastructure & Education Service (SMWCD) has been sensitive to the increase of domestic and gender-based violence cases during this period. The Ministry has particularly felt the need to provide holistic support and requested the Foundation to formalize a system of case management for SMWCD cadres and other cadres who form multidisciplinary teams.

The Foundation’s interest in upskilling cadres and building systems and structures for mental health and psychosocial support has become significant. These case management guidelines were compiled based on the experience of counseling officers, counseling assistants, and women development officers to bring together different systems, work together, and better support the needs of those who seek help.

Posted March 17, 2022
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