Hygiene Kits for Covid-19 Response in Pakistan

Program Year: 2020

As Covid-19 continues to spread, there are significant implications for public health and safety, economic security, governance, and political stability across Asia, and the Foundation is refocusing its work to battle the emerging global pandemic. The challenges created by the health crisis are disproportionally impacting communities The Asia Foundation serves,and we are creating thoughtful responses to urgent needs—especially for women, the poor, and other vulnerable communities for whom Covid-19 poses exceptional risks.

The Asia Foundation’s Pakistan office joins the efforts of the Government of Pakistan at this difficult time to partner with the District Administration Rawalpindi in their multi-pronged response to Covid-19. To support the response of District Administration Rawalpindi, The Asia Foundation is partnering with Rawalpindi V-Force in Pakistan to disseminate critical public health information and distribute personal protective equipment and sanitation products, including face masks, soap, and disinfectants for thousands of individuals who are severely affected by the public health challenges arising from Covid-19.

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