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What we do

Good Governance

Governance cuts across The Asia Foundation’s core program priorities and informs our approach to a variety of development challenges. The Foundation is widely respected for its contribution to improved economic, social, and political governance in Asia over many decades. Our approach to good governance addresses local, contextually specific problems within an overall framework of international standards and goals. We seek to advance governance in Asia that is fair and just, transparent and accountable, efficient and effective, and inclusive and participatory. Foundation governance programs achieve these goals by working in close collaboration with local partners in ways that are problem-driven, adaptive, and politically informed.


  • More efficient and effective government systems, structures, and services
  • More transparent and accountable governance institutions and practices
  • More inclusive and participatory governance mechanisms
  • Fairer, more just, and more accessible legal systems, services, and decision making
  • More effective strategies, approaches, and mechanisms to mitigate conflict

Areas and approaches

Disheveled urban area

Urban Governance

Our urban governance portfolio supports efforts to address inequalities and social exclusion

Woman uses a marker to draw on aerial map

Civic Spaces

We support civic spaces that are open, diverse, empowering, and equitable to contribute to governance in the region.

Kuala Lumpur from above

Data for Policy

The Asia Foundation builds diverse partnerships to improve the collection and use of data in governance

Rural elevated train tracks

Contemporary Development Practice

We are at the forefront of cutting-edge thinking on governance in development

Disheveled urban area

Subnational Governance

Working across fiscal, administrative and political realms, our efforts seek better development outcomes

Masked vendor moves his motorized shop cart


GovAsia provides a platform for The Asia Foundation and its partners to examine critical social, economic, and political issues

News and highlights

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July 3, 2024


July 2, 2024