Labor Migration


The Thin Line between Labor Migration and Trafficking

September 14, 2022

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Bangladeshis are a vital workforce for this island destination in the Indian Ocean. But for many it’s far from paradise.


GovAsia – More than the Sum of Their Remittances

April 1, 2021


Welcome to Issue 1.2 of GovAsia. Published four times a year, GovAsia provides a platform for The Asia Foundation and its partners to examine the critical social, economic, and political problems facing citizens and governments across Asia, drawing on the Foundation’s daily engagement with politically rooted development challenges. GovAsia aims to… Read more


Nepalese Labor Migration—A Status Report

June 6, 2018

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Like so many citizens in countries facing shrinking economic opportunities at home, many Nepalis have sought employment abroad, and international labor migration has become an accepted avenue for economic growth, both for the individual and for the nation. Nepal’s political and socioeconomic systems are in a period of transition, and the country is… Read more


How Mobile Tech is Making Migration More Secure and Less Costly

May 9, 2018

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For millions of Nepali workers who have gone overseas for work in recent years, smartphones have become a crucial tool for navigating the highly complex and risky process of international migration. Yet despite this widespread smartphone usage, there remain serious information gaps between those seeking to migrate and the providers of important ser… Read more


Labor Migration for Employment – A Status Report For Nepal: 2015/2016 & 2016/2017

May 8, 2018


Launched by the Minister of Labour, Employment, and Social Security, Hon’ble Gokarna Bista, the third Labour Migration for Employment: A Status Report for Nepal report is part of continuous collaborative efforts between the Ministry and three development partners: The Asia Foundation, International Labor Organization, and International Organization… Read more

Nepal Labor migration 

Labor Migration’s Impact Economically, Socially and Politically in Nepal

Kathmandu, September 7, 2017

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At Kathmandu’s Tribhuvan Airport, young men and women snake through the international terminal, waiting their turn to begin what could be the world’s longest commute to work. More than 1,500 people depart the country in this way every day, mostly bound for temporary jobs as construction workers, domestic servants, or low-skill laborers in the Gulf… Read more

Anti-human trafficking rally in Nepal 

Labor Migration: A Gender-Neutral Lens to Human Trafficking

July 12, 2017

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The issue of human trafficking took center stage in the global development discourse with the release of the U.S. State Department’s annual Trafficking in Persons (TIP) Report on June 27, 2017. The report assesses the progress made by countries worldwide to combat human trafficking and grades them into three tier ratings. Nepal has once again been… Read more

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New Study Examines Labor Migration Impact on Social, Political Dynamics in Nepal

March 22, 2017

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Over the past decade, Nepal has seen a ten-fold increase in the number of migrant laborers leaving the country to work abroad, and the majority are youth. This phenomenon has led to the exodus of a significant proportion of the country’s working-age population, with the remittances that they send back home making up nearly a third of the country’s… Read more


Labour Migration and the Remittance Economy

March 13, 2017


Despite the continual rise in the number of people migrating for foreign employment and the growing body of research on Nepal’s remittance economy, there is a dearth of knowledge on the impact of foreign labour migration on the social and political dynamics at the local level. This study aims to fill that gap by seeking to understand the implicatio… Read more

Labor migration for Employment report cover. 

Labor Migration for Employment – A Status Report For Nepal: 2014/2015

September 21, 2016


Labor Migration for Employment A Status Report For Nepal: 2014/2015 is a publication by the Ministry of Labor and Employment of the Government of Nepal that was jointly supported by The Asia Foundation in Nepal’s USAID funded Combating Trafficking in Persons (CTIP) program, the International Migration Organization (IOM) and the International Labor… Read more


The Safe Migration App

August 1, 2016


To help make the process of labor migration safer and more secure, Shuvayatra – a free mobile app – is placing the combined knowledge of experts, advocates, and the global Nepali diaspora in the hands of migrant workers.


Migrant and Child Labor in Thailand’s Shrimp and Other Seafood Supply Chains: Labor Conditions and the Decision to Study or Work

September 14, 2015


To address child labor and labor conditions of migrant workers in Thailand’s shrimp and other seafood supply chains, the International Labour Organization and The Asia Foundation present the landmark study: Migrant and Child Labor in Thailand’s Shrimp and Other Seafood Supply Chains: Labor Conditions and the Decision to Study or Work. The study pro… Read more