Expand Economic Opportunity

NAVTAF_LECONWe support Asian initiatives to foster inclusive economic growth and broaden economic opportunities. We work at all levels–from local to regional–to increase economic opportunities and expand investment and trade; strengthen partnerships among governments, private enterprise, and civil society to promote broad-based, sustainable growth; and improve the responsiveness of public authorities to demand a more supportive business environment, including for women entrepreneurs.


  • Improved business climate to foster inclusive growth
  • Reduced barriers to regional trade and investment
  • Increased societal benefits through entrepreneurship, partnerships, and innovation

Middle-Income Trap: Economic Myth, Political Reality

While Asia continues to set pace as the world’s fastest growing region, some Asian middle-income countries (MICs) are showing signs of economic slowdown and face stiff competition from lower-cost economies. The implications that could result from this economic growth slowdown in MICs are of serious concern to economists and political decision-makers. The threat of the “middle-income trap” (MIT) looms over Asian MICs such as Thailand and Malaysia, the two countries profiled in this research initiative.

Critical Reforms to Bangladesh's Leather Sector

Under its partnership with the Australian Government’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), the Foundation has played a catalyzing role in the relocation of the leather tanning industry from central Dhaka—where it was heavily polluting the Buriganga River—to a new, environmentally-compliant industrial estate outside the city.