Director, Policy and Research, Afghanistan

Tabasum Akseer is director of Policy and Research in The Asia Foundation’s Afghanistan office. She oversees the Foundation’s annual Survey of the Afghan People, the broadest and longest running public opinion survey in the country. The Survey polls Afghans across all 34 provinces, including insecure and physically challenging environments. Since 2004, the Survey has gathered the opinions of tens of thousands Afghan men and women, providing a unique longitudinal portrait of evolving public perceptions of security, the economy, governance and government services, elections, media, women’s issues, and migration. Based in Kabul, Tabasum provides overall strategic planning, management and guidance related to the Survey, and leads all writing and analysis. Among the research projects she leads are the National Disability Survey of Afghanistan 2018 and The Survey of the Afghan Returnees (2018-2021). Prior to her work at The Asia Foundation, Tabasum consulted on projects intersecting gender, peace, security, and human rights. Most recently, she was a post-doctoral research fellow and consultant at the Center for International and Defence Policy, at Queen’s University in Canada. At Queen’s, Tabasum was a teaching fellow and assistant in the School of Religion, Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures, and the Gender Studies department.

Education: Tabasum Akseer earned a doctoral degree in Cultural Studies from Queen’s University, in addition to a master’s degree in Education, and bachelor’s degree (Honours) in Political Science from Brock University.