Davey Kim

Nuruddin Ahmed 

Social Entrepreneur on Why Data Can Help Bridge Political Chasm in Bangladesh

August 9, 2017


It is now apparent that the age of social media has transformed public consciousness of important events. Most recently, “fake news” and other streams of misinformation spread via social media have been blamed for exacerbating a highly polarized political climate in the United States, and further impeding productive civic engagement. This phenomeno… Read more


The Anatomy of ‘Leadership Development’ for Young Reformers

February 1, 2017


By the time Sushil Adhikari was 11 years old, an inherited eye disease had caused him to lose his sight completely. Growing up in Nepal, he faced daily obstacles in an environment severely lacking in accessibility infrastructure, social services, and general awareness of challenges for persons with disabilities. At several turns in his pursuit of a… Read more


Exchange Program Offers Insight on U.S. Elections for Indian Diplomats

November 9, 2016


When President Obama made his first visit to India in 2010, he declared the U.S.-India relationship as “one of the defining relationships of the 21st century.” It’s no surprise, then, that Indians—with much at stake in the outcome under a new U.S. presidential administration—have paid close attention to the 2016 election campaign that ended yesterd… Read more